For those of you who still don’t know me, my name is Marcelo Costa, I’m 48 years old and for 22 years I’ve been married to the love of my life, Poliana Costa. Poliana is a wonderful person! A caring mother and amazing wife! We have two beautiful children, a boy aged 13 and a 15 year old girl.

I have always invested myself entirely with dedication to my wife and children, and I have never measured any efforts or hours of work to support and provide for them. We had a comfortable life in Brazil, but in 2018, we decided to move to Florida looking for safety, quality of life and a better education for our children.

Our move to the USA happened right after Poliana was cured from a breast cancer. A total mastectomy surgery was required, along with radio and chemotherapy treatments.

In October of last year – The Breast Cancer Awareness Month – my wife went out to help many women, sharing her great victory against the disease with various support groups and congregations.

On 13th of February, we were surprised by the news of another emerging cancer that had metastasized to the bones of the skull, neck, femur and spine, already in advanced stage.

Poliana was immediately hospitalized, as she was at risk of becoming paralyzed, due to her C3, C4 and C5 vertebrae having been worn out by the cancer, and running the risk of not being able to walk, with the same situation inflicting her femur.

She has already began initial treatments with radiation and immunotherapy. We are being assisted by a team of doctors and the prognosis is that in addition to all the therapy to fight the metastasis, it will be necessary to perform surgery on the femur as well as other treatments to address the cervical injuries.

Poliana will need to take time off work and protect herself from daily movements, to avoid accidents that can lead to permanent immobilization, and also to dedicate herself to the healing process, which will take from six months to one year.

We believe deeply in God and we pray that He continues to bless us as we are being very well cared for by the hospital and their medical staff, but this comes at a high price.

We just lost more than half of our capacity to work – as Poliana requires constant care and forced rest, not only is she prevented from working but I am also dedicating increasing portions of my time looking after her and the children. And even though our health insurance is a major source of aid, it does not cover all expenses with therapies, treatments, medicines and hospital bills, as well as the equipments she will need for her care at home.

In addition, this situation causes us great fear of not being able to afford our normal lives sufficiently. Therefore, we accepted the suggestion of some friends to create this fundraising initiative in support of Poliana’s health and our family as a whole. We all know how expensive this type of treatment is and how deeply it can impact our lives. Your help, any help, regardless of the amount, is critical to us and profoundly appreciated. We have no words to thank you for your gesture of solidarity and generosity to our family.

All the proceeds will be used to save my wife’s life, paying for the treatment while it lasts and she is cured, and for taking care of our family; until we can be back to our full capacity of working and supporting ourselves.

If you know others that might feel sympathetic to our cause, we also thank you immensely for sharing our story through this campaign.

God bless you and give you many times in return!

God bless us all!